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Geomagic DesignX

Geomagic Design X, the industry’s leading complete reverse engineering software

Geomagic Design X is an innovative new software solution that allows engineers to create fully parametric CAD solids and freeform surfaces from 3D scan data and polygon mesh data with a best-in-class user interface. In addition to its ability to create parametric CAD solids, Geomagic Design X differentiates itself from existing reverse engineering software by offering a design process that utilizes the skill sets that engineers already possess. The end result is a software solution that requires minimal training, reducing the time necessary to process 3D scan data.

Users are provided with high quality results that are unavailable through other current reverse engineering options. Geomagic Design X enhances the functionality of both 3D scanning technology and existing CAD applications by sharing common technologies and processes.

Redesign Assistant

The Redesign Assistant intelligently extracts the design intentions and design parameters throughout the process of creating a CAD model from 3D Scan Data through the following features.

True Hybrid Modeler

Geomagic Design X is a truly comprehensive 3D scan data processing application that offers parametric solid modeling capabilities, NURBS surfacing capabilities, and a hybrid modeling process that utilizes both capabilities for the creation of parametric CAD models that contain freeform features.

  • Highly sophisticated yet familiar by utilizing widely accepted solid and surface modeling features
  • Solid Features: extrude, sweep, revolve, pipe, thicken, draft, round with various radii, chamfer, hollow (shell), linear/circular/curve pattern, Boolean modeling
  • Surface Features: drape, blend, extrude, revolve, sweep, loft, ruled, offset, mirror, fill face, extend, trim/untrim, match, heal
  • Modeling history management (feature rebuild, reroute & reorder)
  • Parametric feature management

Sophisticated Curve and Sketch Tools

Geomagic Design X provides users with highly sophisticated curve/sketch tools so that users can extract sketch profiles and feature curves from mesh automatically for comprehensive reverse modeling.

  • Automatic extraction of sketch profiles and feature curves from mesh
  • Automatic dimensioning & constraining
  • Variety of 2D drafting tools
  • Comprehensive 3D curve design tools
  • Intelligent real-time geometry recognition
  • Curvature-based curve network design
  • Automatic organizing curve network

Best-in-class Mesh Operations

Geomagic Design X produces Class-A meshes in a single step. The mesh models created by Geomagic Design X can be directly used as input data for target CAE and CAM software for reverse engineering or manufacturing. Geomagic Design X features a powerful mesh optimization tool that creates a mesh from 3D scan data that meets the specific requirements for CAE.

  • Instant mesh optimization for direct use in RP, CAM & CAE
  • Detail resolution controls (decimate & subdivide)
  • Mesh smoothness controls (global & subdivide)
  • Automatic re-meshing for CAE functional models
  • Comprehensive interactive mesh region editing tools
  • Advanced mesh modeling& optimization

Global remesh, remove, de-feature, hole filing, fix boundary, smooth boundary, fit boundary, fit region to analytic shape, split & trim, divide, thicken, offset are some of advanced mesh operations available.

Accuracy Analyzer

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  • Polygonal mesh deviation (comparison with original scan data and previous step model)
  • Sketch/ Curve/Surface /Solid deviation (comparison with original scan data)
  • Geometric property analysis (curvature, continuity, quality, normal vector, etc)
  • Redesign within user-defined allowable tolerances
  • Automatic and real-time error visualization
  • Diverse object sensitive analysis tools

Align Wizard

Geomagic Design X includes the Align Wizard™, a proprietary tool that intelligently identifies the coordinate system in a file that the original designer had used. The user can either choose the coordinate system recommended by the Align Wizard™, or manually determine the coordinate system that is believed to be the most appropriate for the part by using an intuitive coordinate system setup tool

  • Wizard for aligning 3D scan data to an ideal design coordinate system
  • Highly interactive toolset for coordinate alignment
  • Quick fit, best fit, 3-2-1, Datum, By Ref. coordinates, etc

Seamless Data Transfer

  • Transfer output model with full history to CAD system
  • Export models in a variety of standard file formats

Geomagic Design X complements your entire design ecosystem, with native output to SOLIDWORKS®, Siemens NX®, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor®, PTC Creo® and Pro/ENGINEER® using the patented LiveTransfer technology. This enables very rapid transition of your scanned model into the mainstream CAD environment that you use.