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Ace Skyline

Ace Skyline

Skyline is the only Kreon 3D scanner completely integrated to Ace 7 axes measuring arm.

The 200mm laser line width and the speed of the Skyline 3D scanner enable to digitize any part in record time. Its high resolution detects the smallest details of the most complex parts. Being perfectly integrated with Ace measuring arm, the Skyline 3D scanner is ergonomic, perfect for scanning without efforts.

The best scanning arm experience

Forget all that you already know and discover the new scanning experience with the new scanning arm Kreon Ace Skyline. This new standard will quickly become the right solution for all your needs of portable contact and non-contact measurement. Accuracy, speed, flexibility… It replies to all your requirements and can scan the most challenging parts.

The new scanning arm Ace Skyline, with integrated 3D laser scanner Skyline, can be used for any application: 3D inspection, CAD comparison, reverse engineering or rapid prototyping.

Scanner Specifications :

Max Speed


Laser Line Width

Max Frequency

600,000 pts/sec


Up to 200mm


Machine interface Ace articulated arms
Probe compatibility under the scanner Hard probe, Renishaw TP 2/20/200
PC communication Ethernet
Line resolution 50 µm
Stand-off distance 96 mm
Field of view 130 mm
Temperature compensation Yes
Laser class Blue, Class 2M

The perfect companion for 3D scanning

The speed of the new 3D scanner Skyline allows to digitize any part in record time. Its incredible resolution detects the smallest details of the most complex parts. Being perfectly integrated with

Advanced scanning speed

Gain more time and optimize your scanning process

Contact and non-contact measurement:

The Skyline scanner can be equipped with a hard probe or touch-probe. This solution enables to scan and probe in the same measuring range, proving its utility and efficiency, especially for the alignment operations.

  1. Decreased number of scan passes on the part thanks to 200 mm laser line
  2. Faster movement of the 3D scanner assured by the increased frequency of up to 300 lines per second
  3. Acquisition speed 600,000 points/sec, allowing to get quickly the dense point cloud
  4. Ergonomic “push and pull” handle provides fabulous scanning efficiency.

High resolution and accuracy

Digitize in 3d the exact mastercopy of reality. 2000 non-interpolated points per laser line, producing a high resolution level, re-create the smallest detailsOptimal accuracy due to blue laser fineness, even on the materials initially difficult to scan (shiny black, chrome, carbon fiber, etc.)

Temperature compensation of 3D scanner for its usage without pre-heating and maintaining of constant accuracy.

Even the less experienced users will certainly choose this easy to use
scanning arm.

  1. Scan longer due to the 3D scanner lightness (weight under 400 g).
  2. Reach and scan the hard-to-access zones of each part, thanks to compactness and reduced stand-off distance
  3.  Visualize precisely the ideal scanning distance with the LED indicator
  4. Remove the scanner rapidly and without any tool to accelerate the probe mounting.

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